May 18, 2017

Episode 15: Is sharing and collaborating on documents with external parties a bottle neck in your organisation?

by Emma O'Brien in Integration

Does the following sound familiar?

You email out a PDF document. The client prints it, scans it and emails it back;

You need more information, so you do it again;

Nobody has visibility of the process internally, documents are everywhere; all this costs time and money!

During this video,Β we will be demonstrating how easy it is to improve customer service with document sharing.

Manage and collate feedback on documents which can then be archived in a SharePoint Library and/or your Records Management platform;

Report on customer interaction with tasks, reminders and notifications via email and text messages;

View and sign contracts, exchanging NDA agreements, letters of engagement or collaborating on documents in a consortium scenario; and

Collaborate within your SharePoint environment with external users whilst maintaining your SharePoint security.


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