December 22, 2016

Generating PDF’s from K2 smartforms and workflows

by Igor Jericevich in Forms, Workflow

#HeyIgor, Can I generate PDF’s from K2 smartforms and workflows?

 Yes you absolutely can (Video below)!

The ability to generate a PDF copy of a smartform and email it as part of a process is a capability that has been a part of K2 smartforms right from the start. This can be achieved using the K2 smartform PDF control.

Examples where this could be applicable include:

  • The need to send the originator of a request a hard copy of the form they submitted.
  • The need to generate a PDF mid-way through a process and have then emailed off to a client with all the relevant data presented on it.
  • Generate a PDF copy of a form with relevant audit data to be stored in a record in a records management system or SharePoint

#K2 #K2smartforms #RecordsManagement #DocumentManagement


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