September 17, 2019

How to use software bots and humans to drive legal innovation

In a recent survey almost 50% of senior legal practitioners cited that the leading challenge in driving legal innovation internally was “Getting enough time and resources away from ‘Business as Usual’.

Imagine a world where you had software bots and humans working in perfect harmony – bots taking on all the mundane and time-consuming tasks, whilst producing ZERO errors and 100% process accuracy, freeing up your most important assets to focus on what they, and only they, can do: innovate.


If you missed the roundtables last month, join Shaun Leisegang, CEO of rapidMATION to learn other forward-thinking legal firms and departments have embraced automation as a key enabling technology to prepare for the lawyer of the future and retain a competitive advantage.


Book a call to find out more about how K2 can help with low-code digital process automation which will allow you to build faster and automate smarter or alternatively Play with K2.


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