This page is all about resources to assist users to build their own stuff..

Everything from links to success site to springbord to K2 YouTube videos, training.

Think of it as a one-stop shop of information.



K2 Partner & Customer Portal

Use K2 to build and run business applications including forms, workflow, data and reports.

K2 Knowledge Center

Use our central repository to find all related information about our software.

K2 Community

Browse the K2 Community to ask questions, find relevant articles and share useful information.

K2 | Digital Process Automation

Welcome to K2, where you can automate every process with one platform

K2 Cloud

K2 Cloud enables your team to focus on creating powerful business process applications using a secure cloud environment instead of worrying about infrastructure maintenance and upkeep.

K2 Five

K2 Five offers the speed and power of our low-code process automation platform while giving you complete control over the infrastructure with on-premises implementation.

K2 Training

Attend a K2 event to network with our community, learn about our products, share innovative ideas and more. To search for specific events, you can filter by event type, region, and products in the section on the left.

Springboard for K2

Springboard for K2 is a framework made up of best practice building blocks and reusable components that can be used to rapidly create K2 applications.

Project Success Pack (PSP)


Center of Excellence

We’re excited to announce the launch of K2 Cloud and K2 Five. Stay tuned for the addition of new Center of Excellence content for these products. To learn more, sign up for the Appit customer webinar here, or the blackpearl customer webinar here.