Automate your workflows. Without code.

Workflows dictate your processes, and every time a step, system, person or rule gets added or changed, the lines of code pile up. With K2, you can build workflows visually — saving significant time and creating opportunities to improve.

“I don’t worry too much about the future. Whatever the business needs and whatever new acquisitions we make, I know that we can create the workflows required using K2.”

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Automate workflows in days instead of weeks.
Developer Functionality

Drag and Drop

Visual tooling and an intuitive design canvas speed up the app development process and reduce errors.


Create workflows that contain any combination of user steps and system steps: complex task assignments, drill down properties, business rule evaluation, exceptions, escalations, error handling, SLAs, loop/switch/parallel actions and more.

Build Better Workflows

K2 Smart Assist helps you build better workflows by surfacing best practice tips, suggesting logical next steps and flagging configuration that may cause errors or unintended behavior.

Go Beyond If This, Then That

Integrate with If This, Then That platforms that enable you to make deeper, more complex processes possible as part of a simple IFTTT workflow.

The Future of Process

New technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the way we think about process. Connect AI tools to your K2 workflows to take your processes into the future.

User Benefits

Better Collaboration

Make your teams super productive. Because the logic and steps of a workflow are shown in pictures instead of buried in coding, business users and developers can both contribute to designing a process and making it better.

Greater Visibility

It’s easy to click into the picture of a workflow and see the status of tasks, including: who it’s assigned to, how long it’s been waiting for action, what response was given, etc.

Alerts & Notifications

Keep managers aware of the status of a task, and allow them to focus on other aspects of their job without worrying about whether or not a task is being completed.

Centralised Task Management

Managing a variety of processes and tasks is challenging enough without having to go to multiple locations to view the status of a task or process. Having everything visible on one screen increases process visibility and helps managers keep processes running smoothly.