Thursday, 15 December 2016

K2 Showcase: Building a Simple Wizard Based Form

by Emma O'Brien in Enablement, Forms, Industries, Workflow

This showcase provides a quick overview (6 min) of how K2 smartform features (Forms, Views, Rules) can be leveraged to create a wizard style form, with questions and customisable responses based on previous answers.

 Use cases: Survey forms, Checklist forms, Application forms.

Examples: Health and Safety forms, Enrolment forms, Admission forms, Inspection forms, Performance reviews

 Departments: Operations, Field services, Health and Safety, HR,


·         Rapid solution assembly with zero code

·         Natural language rule configuration

·         Advanced rules

·         Conditional rules; and

·         Reusability of components. 

#K2, #eForms #Wizard Forms #Surveys #Checklists  #Applications #Enrolment #Digital Transformation


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