February 8, 2018

Manage your document control and lifecycle process with Office 365

by Andrew Blinco in Company News, Office 365, Video

Nobody has visibility of the process internally, documents are everywhere; all this costs time and money!

Business processes are not always clear or adequately communicated to staff. Processes that require approval from multiple areas are often manual, paper-based and dependant on a user to action items in a timely manner.

During this live webinar, we will be demonstrating how easy it is to improve employee experience with quality document control and lifecycle management.

Watch the video, to see how to:

• Collaborate with your SharePoint environment with tasks, reminders, and notifications via email and text messages
• Manage document compliance with rule-based naming conventions
• Document workflows that require multi-touch approvals which are often manual and time-consuming
• Auto-generate documents based on controlled business data
• Eliminate the need for multi (SharePoint) content types

Document control Workflow is often more complex than you think. Learn how K2 BPM can support your complex business scenarios with ease.


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