September 7, 2017

On-Demand: Managing Document Control and Lifecycle with Office 365

Nobody has visibility of the process internally, documents are everywhere; all this costs time and money!  Business processes are not always clear or adequately communicated to staff. Processes that require approval from multiple areas are often manual, paper-based and dependent on a user to action items in a timely manner.

During this video, we will be demonstrating how easy it is to improve employee experience with quality document control and life-cycle management.

Watch to see how to:

• Collaborate within your SharePoint environment with tasks, reminders and notifications via email and text messages

• Manage document compliance with rule based naming conventions

• Document workflows that require multi-touch approvals which are often manual and time consuming

• Auto generate documents based on controlled business data

• Eliminate the need for multi (SharePoint) content types

Document control Workflow is often more complex than you think. Learn how K2 BPM can support your complex business scenarios with ease.


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