October 5, 2017

On Demand: Sharing and Document Collaboration with external parties

by Andrew Blinco in Reporting and Analytics

Does the following sound familiar?

You email out a PDF document. The client prints it, scans it and emails it back;

You need more information, so you do it again; Nobody has visibility of the process internally, documents are everywhere; all this costs time and money!

During this video, we will be demonstrating how easy it is to improve customer service with document sharing.

Register now to see how to:

  • Manage and collate feedback on documents which can then be archived in a SharePoint Library and/or your Records Management platform;
  • Report on customer interaction with tasks, reminders and notifications via email and text messages;
  • View and sign contracts, exchanging NDA agreements, letters of engagement or collaborating on documents in a consortium scenario; and
  • Collaborate within your SharePoint environment with external users whilst maintaining your SharePoint security


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