Trending Topics Around SharePoint in the Market Today and How We Help To Solve Them


K2 will talk about some of the trending topics in the market today and how the K2 toolset is helping customers to solve these problems:

* The Future of Forms; InfoPath retired – I need a new forms strategy!
* The Move to the Cloud: Starting with a Hybrid Approach
* Getting the most out of SharePoint

The session will be filled with a number of demo scenarios including processes that span SharePoint On Premise and Office 365, building apps around SharePoint 2013 libraries, form creation, line of business system integration and task list and email based approvals for processes.

Registration: To help us get an idea of numbers for this event, click here to e-mail As always, the event is free.


Case Management + Smart Process Applications

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Are you struggling to find a case-capable support system to handle your case scenarios?

A recent AIIM case management survey that discusses the limitations of traditional case management systems, reports that 45% of respondents use customisations, workarounds, add-ons or entirely manual processes to manage cases, and 32% say a better system would improve productivity.

The report goes on to discuss a new generation of applications, called smart process applications that are better equipped than other systems to handle case management.

K2 is pleased to make this report available at no cost. Download the full AIIM report to learn more key findings from the survey, which included over 300 respondents representing organisations of all sizes.


New Development Platforms Emerge For Customer-Facing Applications

According to a recent June 2014 Forrester Research, Inc. report entitled “New Development Platforms Emerge For Customer-Facing Applications,” many companies are choosing low-code platforms over traditional programming platforms due to the speed with which low-code apps can be assembled and tested.

With customer-facing applications on the rise, traditional programming platforms for business process and dynamic case management and content management simply cannot keep up with the “short schedules and rapid change cycles” required to develop these applications.

Learn about the advantages that low-code platforms give companies, including the ability to lower barriers between requirements and delivery and provide business leaders with a way to test and experiment with new ideas at a low risk and cost.

Download the full Forrester report at no cost to learn more about the benefits that low-code platforms provide and what this means for the future of companies looking to implement these platforms.


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Meet the new K2 Partner Site



Last week saw the official launch of the new K2 Partner site, located on With the new site, we have made it easier for partners to find and access all partner-related content in one location.

We know how important it is for our partners to have valuable content they can use while building custom solutions, creating an RFP, or in a sales engagement, so we’ve customized the site to make these tools easier to find. From logos and co-branded decks to white papers and on-demand training, partners will find everything they need in order to educate themselves and their customers on K2.

But we aren’t stopping there. We’re going to continue to add new content and self-service capabilities to the site. We’ll make sure to inform our partner community proactively in upcoming monthly newsletters. If you would like to be added to the partner newsletter list, please contact the K2 Partners team at

To access the new partner resources, just log into with your partner account, and browse through the Partners area in the top navigation. 

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Australian Roadshow for K2 Core and K2 Smartforms Training


The K2 Core and K2 smartforms course is an instructor-led or self-study training course designed to give participants the skills and knowledge to create process-driven applications with K2 workflows, SmartObjects and smartforms, without writing any code.

During this course, participants will learn:

  • About K2 and SourceCode’s history and range of products
  • About common workflow principles and terminology
  • How to approach the Design, Assembly, Deployment, Execution and Monitoring of workflow solutions with K2 Studio
  • How to build basic and intermediate-complexity workflow solutions with K2 Studio
  • What K2 SmartObjects are, how to create K2 SmartObjects using K2 tools and how to use SmartObjects in workflows and user interfaces
  • How to use the K2 workspace to report on K2 workflows
  • How to administer a K2 environment with the K2 workspace
  • How to create and use SmartObjects for Line-of-Business systems
  • How to build no-code user interfaces with K2 smartforms and integrate these forms with K2 workflows
  • How to gather requirements for process-driven applications (self-study)
  • How to ensure success in process-driven application projects (self-study)

    This course also includes a selection of quick-reference guides.

Intended Audience

The K2 Core and K2 smartforms training course is intended for “Citizen Developer” and developer roles that need to create process-driven applications with the K2 platform without writing code.


To register for this course please email

VIDEO: No InfoPath, No Problem with K2 Business Apps



Microsoft has finally made the formal announcement that it is no longer investing in InfoPath. In the announcement, Microsoft states that “industry trends and feedback from [its] customers and partners make it clear that today’s businesses demand an intelligent, integrated forms experience that spans devices.”

We couldn’t agree with this statement more and are delighted that we can already deliver on these requirements with K2 SmartForms.

K2 SmartForms makes it easy for organisations to deliver rich, interactive electronic forms that meet the needs of today’s business applications. From web-based form design, to easy data integration across your key systems, K2 SmartForms makes these forms accessible and delivers a user experience that your staff and customers expect. Regardless of your IT environment, on-premises or in the cloud, K2 SmartForms provide an easy, fast and powerful way to build modern business applications.

In this webinar, we will show you how to:

• Visually design web-based forms that connect to your line-of-business systems.
• Deliver forms that seamlessly integrate with Microsoft SharePoint, run as standalone applications, or both.
• Easily integrate K2 SmartForms with workflows and reports to deliver business process applications.
• Build K2 SmartForms connected to cloud and on-premises information in one easy-to-use form.
• Access your K2 SmartForms from any modern browser, regardless of device.