VIDEO: Build and Run eForms and Mobile Apps Powered by your Imagination


Mobile applications (Applications on smart devices) have revolutionised the way our world works and has influenced the needs and desires of Employees in large and small business.

Business users need/want software applications – “Apps” to help them manage and enhance their work experience. Today’s employees grew up on the internet. They are highly collaborative and use technology intuitively and fluidly. They expect technology to be powerful, but also easy to use and device and platform agnostic. They want to rapidly design and deploy solutions to solve business problems on the fly. They are not willing to wait weeks or months for an IT department to solve their problems. They want it now and won’t settle for anything else.’

“The last thing we want is to be a big dumb company that feels we can put a swoosh on something and people will buy that. Things are accelerating, but it’s not as if we’re in a speed-up, slow-down world.  It’s a high-velocity world, we’re digitally connected, everything is changing. Business requires software that can move at the velocity of business.” Mark Parker CEO, Nike 

Use K2 to create any business application you can imagine, with workflows and forms that span roles, departments, data sources, browsers and devices. Work smarter and stay focused on growing your business instead of managing process.

Learn how eForms and Mobility can improve your organisations processes by:

  • No-code eForms integrated to line of business systems
  • Show you how to deliver business applications effectively, to help your business grow
  • We will show you device and platform agnostic business apps, that you can use on the road
  • A interactive demonstration on how to support employee decision making by streamlining processes through mobile interfaces. e.g Expense Claims Approvals


VIDEO: Efficient Automated Business apps for Employee On-Boarding

During this webinar, find out how to:

– Improve process efficiency
– Make informed decisions through data
– Reduce cost
– Minimise compliance risks
– Breakdown mobility barriers
– Maximise employee engagement.


1. Why Business Process Apps are defining the way companies do business
2. Demonstration of a K2 enabled Business Process Application
3. Benefits of a low code development platform
4. Decision support through data integration (SharePoint, CRM, SAP, O365)

So what is K2?

K2 is a low code platform for building and running Business Process Applications that combine forms, data, workflow and mobility into a solutions that allows companies to rapidly transform their business with applications that allocate work to the right people, with all the information they need to make great decisions.


Sundowner drinks at The Print Hall in Perth – eForms and Mobility

ES2-K2 Event Header

Join K2 and Es2 on February 25th for a 30-minute presentation followed by Drinks and Canapés at the Print Hall.

Mobility is very desirable in business. It aids in efficiency and people don’t need to be at their desk to get work done.

You are invited to join ES2 and K2 for drinks, canapés and to experience how K2 eForms and mobile apps can give your team access to tasks from their phone or tablet. They can take action, delegate tasks, check in on process statuses or find the information they need to make great decisions – anytime, anywhere.

Our team are looking forward to answering your questions on the night.

When: February 25th 2015 – 4:00PM – 6:00PM
Where: Chairman’s Office – Print Hall, 125 St Georges Terrace, Perth
RSVP: Due to venue capacity issues, registrations are essential


Phoenix and K2 Seminar – Streamline your Business Processes with K2 to improve service delivery and profitability

Phenoix K2 Event

In today’s competitive markets, organisations are increasingly having to identify ways to increase productivity and efficiency, whilst at the same time maintaining increased revenues and profitability. The businesses that succeed will be those who become great at delivering applications effectively.

Join Phoenix and K2 on the 12th March for a lunchtime seminar at the offices of King Wood & Mallesons to learn how K2 Business Process Applications (the best of Forms, Workflow, Data, and Mobility) can help you rapidly transform your business with applications that allocate work to the right people, with all the information they need to make great decisions. At the event we will demonstrate how a process such on-boarding can be streamlined using the K2 platform (a low code Business Application platform). We will also demonstrate how you can access and run these Business Applications (“Apps”) from your mobile devices.

Richard Sanderson, Technology General Manager of King & Wood Mallesons, will discuss the business challenges that KWM faced and the reason for choosing the K2 solution. He will also focus on the ROI and service delivery improvements they have garnered from using the K2 platform.

If you would like to attend this event please register at the link below. Alternatively if your are unavailable to attend the event but would like further information or a demonstration of the technology, please contact


Please see below for the address, date and time of this session. To see the full agenda please email

When: Thursday, 12th March 2015 at 11:30AM
Where: King & Wood Mallesons, Level 61
Governor Phillip Tower
1 Farrer Place, Sydney
RSVP: Due to venue capacity issues, registrations are essential

VIDEO: Stay ahead of the curve with Business Applications


Learn how OBS in partnership with K2 can help companies like yours stay ahead of the curve by delivering fast effective departmental solutions that fit your business needs and promote better decision support.

Introducing Business apps — fast, flexible, easy-to-build applications that streamline work and pull your information and systems together.  

Forms: Faster Forms. More Control.
Deliver Outcomes. 
One Truth. Multiple Sources.

Register now for a 60-minute webinar on Wednesday, 18th February 2015 at 11:00AM EST where we will explore departmental based solutions that will streamline your business, fast.

Whether your application needs are simple or complex, with one system or multiple, do not miss this webinar.


Process in the Age of Transformation

This report looks into the change pressures companies are facing today. It examines the barriers to process change and proposes ideas – based on practices already being adopted in some companies today – that you can adopt to help increase business agility.

Gain an insight into this research, and see how the following recommendations can be implemented in your organisation to ensure you transform in this new age:

  1. The ability to change is a mind-set – start with your people
  2. Set clear Priorities from the top
  3. Learn to “disrupt yourself”; and
  4. Make it incremental and experimental

Register to download this report today, and learn about :

  • the barriers to process change
  • proposed ideas, based on practices already being adopted in some companies today
  • Practices that can help increase business agility

Register today and gain an insight into this research, and see how these recommendations can be implemented in your organisation to ensure you transform in this new age.



Industry Watch: SharePoint 2013 – Clouding the issues

 SharePoint 2013 is the fourth major incarnation of SharePoint in the last 10 years, and some organisations find themselves supporting live versions of all four. Although not really its original purpose, SharePoint has had a major impact on the overall reach of document management and ECM compared to the deployment of earlier systems.

“Despite improvements in the standard feature set, 67% still see third-party products as important. There is still strong interest in third-party add-in products, particularly system monitoring, BPM, storage management, metadata management, and records management.”

In this report, we look at the adoption rates and roll-out status for SharePoint as an ECM/DM system, the ongoing issues of user adoption, and overall project success – or otherwise. We study the impact of the new 2013 features, particularly on third party add-on products that have previously been used to fill in gaps in security, governance, search and social capability.

We look at the take up of the 365 product family, and the issues that cloud presents for SharePoint users.

Some of the key findings:

  • 57% of responding organisations use SharePoint for ECM / DM, 31% consider it to be their main or only (10%) ECM / DM system
  • 28% only use SharePoint for collaboration sites and / or intranet
  • 45% plan to be on SharePoint 2013 by mid 2014. Improved search and navigation is deemed the most useful new feature

Receive the full report by submitting this form today!


Allevating InfoPath Anxiety with K2 smartforms


On January 31, 2014, Microsoft announced that it would no longer be investing in InfoPath, although it will continue to support the latest release, InfoPath 2013, until 2023.

The announcement does not come as a surprise to those within the Microsoft SharePoint community. The future of InfoPath has been uncertain for some time, causing anxiety for those invested in the product, as well as those in need of a comprehensive enterprise forms solution for SharePoint. InfoPath has been the Microsoft forms technology of choice for SharePoint since its first release with Microsoft Office 2003, but with only negligible investment in the 2013 release, many started to question its future.

This white paper talks about the implications of this announcement, what organisations need to consider when looking for an enterprise forms platform and how K2 can meet these needs.


Forrester 2015 Predictions report, free from K2


According to Forrester, the top priorities for BPM initiatives in 2014 focused on two things: extending mission-critical business processes to support the mobile workforce and redesigning business processes to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Forrester also noticed a growing appetite among companies to move business-critical processes into the cloud using BPM platform-as-a-service solutions.

In 2015, BPM will fight to expand its relevance in the front office and needs to shed serious weight to better align with the age of customer imperatives that prioritise speed-to-market over analysis and complexity – traditional hallmarks of the BPM discipline and software solutions. K2 is always focused on customer needs, both B2B and B2C, and are pleased to be featured in this Forrester report.

In the 2015 Predictions Report, “The age of the customer is set to disrupt the BPM market,” Forrester’s Clay Richardson and Craig Le Clair talk about how customer obsession – the relentless focus on winning, retaining and serving customers – will disrupt and reshape the entire ecosystem for BPM.

The focus on all things customer is causing companies to look for agile, flexible technologies to improve processes that “directly or indirectly touch customers or shape customer experience.” The new vehicles for delivery are “‘low-code’ platforms, new engagement architectures and cloud-based work orchestration.”

K2 is offering this paper, valued at $499, completely free for you. Download the report to learn why all “enterprise architects and business process leaders should add this emerging category [low-code vendors] to their shortlists of hot new technologies to watch,” and why K2 is the choice for your organisation.


K2 support services now runs on K2 smartforms


If you have logged in to the K2 Partner & Customer Portal in the last few days, you may have noticed that things look a little different! Based on feedback we received from you, we have made some enhancements to our ticketing and support system. These enhancements include:

A new ticket system built on K2 SmartForms that includes new features like:

  • The ability to change a ticket owner or log a ticket on behalf of a customer or colleagues.
  • An option to provide feedback on your interactions with K2 Support.
  • The ability to save your K2 environment infrastructure details as a “Saved Environment” that can be reused in all your support tickets.
  • An all new SmartForms-based work list that provides you with visibility into support tickets and remote services requests logged by you and others in your organisation.
  • New search functionality that allows you to find existing resolutions to your issues before logging a ticket. The search combines results from K2 Community and K2 Knowledge Centre resources.

We’re excited to provide this new functionality to you and look forward to hearing your feedback, take a look at these new features today and click here to let us know what you think !