Case Study: FRDC Australia

Case Study

FRDC Australia

  • Location: Australia
  • Industry: Government and Non-Profits
  • Product: K2 blackpearl
  • Integrations: Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange
  • Solutions built: Process Optimisation

The FRDC’s funding application process was led by a bespoke tool built by a local software developer. In addition to being slow, it was prohibitively expensive to make even minor changes. The stakeholders knew they needed something better, so FRDC selected K2 for its SmartForm technology, low-code solution benefits and ability to integrate out-of-the box with existing systems, like SQL, SharePoint and Microsoft CRM.

FRDC used K2 to build an external user manager — allowing users to sign up, reset their passwords and more — and an online portal that allowed candidates to better manage their own applications, minimising the responsibility from the corporation. “We migrated from being a simple application process to a management tool online, where applicants can manage their details, manage their application throughout the lifecycle and have that integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SharePoint and Exchange,” said said Kyaw Kyaw Soe Hlaing, IT Consultant.



The fund management application reduces initial development cost by 70% over traditional development and yearly operations costs by 45%.