Case Study: Industrial Services Company Anonymous

Case Study

Industrial Services Company Anonymous

  • Location: Australia
  • Industry: Construction and Mining
  • Product: K2 blackpearl, K2 smartforms
  • Integrations: Microsoft Dynamics CRM, iManage, Web Services and Microsoft SQL
  • Solutions built: Financial, HR & Training

This industrial services company tried to automate their processes and workflows using traditional .NET development. Instead of showing improvement, however, the existing processes proved to be problematic and time consuming. Thousands of employees had to submit training requests, which meant chasing approvals and additional supporting information for each step.

“Even though we had digitised our hardware request forms and system access form requests, modifications could not be handled in the system. We would need to change the original document, create the PDF and publish it on our intranet. Our employees would download, print, fill out, get them signed, then scan them to send to the service desk,” said the IT applications and development group manager.

In short, the existing systems were labour-intensive, slow to develop, prone to errors and difficult to troubleshoot. The company abandoned their .NET attempt after six months with no progress — and decided that there had to be a better way.

“After seeing what K2 can do, we knew this is what we were looking for,” continued the IT applications and development group manager.


Following a review of various suppliers, the client decided to try K2 by having an experienced K2 developer recreate their training request form and equipment movements and disposal (EMD) process.

“Using K2, these were both completed in one month, with far better functionality, auditing and the ability to visually see where a process was up to. This was our proof that we had made the right call,” explained the IT applications and development group manager.

With K2, training request workflows were completely reinvented. What used to be a time-consuming task was instantly streamlined. Beforehand, the learning and development team had to continuously follow up on all approvals. After integrating K2, all requests could be approved by the relevant managers while simultaneously collecting supporting material and sending it in for processing.

Processing EMD workflows is easier as well. K2 seamlessly integrates with their ERP and now the staff can easily notify all relevant stakeholders on the listing and status of any asset.

In the case of the improved hardware request and system access forms, rather than manually making changes offline, all modifications can now be actioned in real-time. “The new solution allows us to change the options available in both forms, ask for manager approval, and submit the request directly to our service desk,” said the IT applications and development group manager.

When it comes to future solutions, K2 SmartObjects are part of the plan to ease development resource use and time. “We were impressed by the reusability of the K2 SmartObjects and how these could speed up future development,” continued the IT applications and development group manager.

Thanks to K2, the client has seen significant savings in both time and labour outputs. Their new automated processes and workflows have increased efficiency and visibility. Now that all information is stored in one central place, employees spend far less time searching for files and historical communication. All stakeholders have firmly embraced K2, and the company continues to employ their new solutions to automate all areas of the business.

“Demand for new solutions to automate our processes has been unprecedented and we are currently working on having these provision user access changes within our ERP and other systems,” reports the IT applications and development group manager.