Still Wondering What To Do With Your InfoPath Forms?


Still Wondering What to Do with Your InfoPath Forms?

Find the solution you’re looking for with K2 SmartForms

On January 31, 2014, Microsoft announced that there would be no additional investment in Microsoft InfoPath. Four years later, Microsoft released several forms-related products, including Microsoft Forms and PowerApps, but neither of these products covers all the common InfoPath scenarios.

Depending on your needs, a product like Microsoft Forms or PowerApps may work for you, but many organizations are turning toward a more full-featured enterprise forms solution that can handle many different use cases. Platforms like K2, that offer a drag-and-drop, no-code experience with the ability to connect to line-of-business systems, whether in the cloud or on-premises, support your business needs now, and in the future, without limitations.

Read Still Wondering What to Do with Your InfoPath Forms? to learn how K2 can help you migrate from InfoPath and build solutions that address common enterprise forms scenarios, including:

  • Simple forms for capturing data
  • Forms on SharePoint lists and libraries, with or without LOB data
  • Forms on LOB data
  • Forms and data, and data workflows

Use K2 to create flexible, extensible, mobile-ready forms that connect to all your LOB sources. Download the whitepaper to find out more.