K2 Workflow & Application History

You are probably aware that K2 automatically captures an audit trail for all workflow instances, including information such as who started the workflow, the start date and time of all the steps, and who actioned tasks and what action they took. This information is exposed via SmartObjects (found under the Workflow Reports category) and forms the basis for the reports found in the Management and Workspace sites.

An alternative approach for upgrading K2

One of the biggest challenges in the enterprise ecosystem is maintaining software versions. As new versions of software are released, support for older versions of operating systems tend to decrease. The upgrade path for new software versions usually results in the provisioning of new servers, mixed with a complex strategy to install and migrate to the new server.

K2 Migration Part 1 – Why upgrade to K2 Five or K2 Cloud?

As part of our ongoing commitment to help existing customers get the most out of K2, we are pleased to offer a three-part webinar and video series. This series will provide real-world experience that will help guide Blackpearl customers who are thinking about migrating to K2 Five / K2 Cloud in the right direction.

Event Recap: The future of work: Humans and Bots working together – Melbourne

It was leg 2 of the “Future of work” event series being hosted at Microsoft in Melbourne, and based on delegate feedback yet another interactive and informative session was delivered by our speakers. We welcomed over 40 industry leaders all wanting to get a head start on their intelligent automation strategy.

STIHL Brings Efficiency, Transparency, and Accountability to the Digital Workplace with K2

STIHL began the process of workflow automation using Microsoft InfoPath, but upon learning that the product was being deprecated, sought a more robust platform from a company they had confidence would be around for the foreseeable future.

Reduce time and risk with K2 and HotDocs

Does your business generate a lot of documents? If you work in the legal, banking or insurance industries you will certainly generate a lot of documents, but just about every business generates documents as part of their day to day operations, whether they be sales orders, quotes, legal documents, inspection reports, business cases and so on.