November 29, 2018

Untangle your contract management approval process by integrating CRM, Office 365 & TRIM using K2

by Chris O'Connor in Cloud, Partners, Video

In today’s evolving digital world, a streamlined customer experience has been proven to be the differentiating factor in the success of many enterprises.

For a sales executive, the ability to quickly respond to a new engagement is often the make-or-break-moment for that customer interaction.

Too often, this process can become entangled with paperwork, emails, disjointed systems, and internal pressures to deliver in a timely manner.

Automating this process can lead to many benefits;
– Greater accuracy and faster turnaround for contract negotiations
– Enhanced quality due to a consistent and automated process
– Improved user experience & less frustration for internal staff
– Increased visibility for management, via reporting & KPI’s
– Allow staff to focus on the customer, and provide a better sales experience

During this video, we will demonstrate how K2 can manage this process, including document generation within Office 365, and approval tasks for the legal team. K2 will then use a connector to HP-TRIM, to place the finalised sales contract in a records management repository.



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