5 things to look for when choosing a Business Process Automation Platform

If your business is starting on the journey of process automation or are re-evaluating the business process automation (BPA) toolset you have currently implemented, then there are not only a lot of vendor offerings available to evaluate, but there are many different aspects of their offerings that need to be considered. When evaluating a BPA platform, the obvious place to start is with the technical features you require to build your solutions. Can I quickly build web forms and workflows with no code? Can I easily integrate with my line of business systems?

K2, PowerApps and Flow: When and Why?

Since Microsoft released PowerApps and Flow in 2016 there have been a lot of questions about how these new tools compare with K2. Do PowerApps and Flow do the same things as K2? Are PowerApps and Flow a competitor to K2. Can they be used together?

AI in the Workplace

Today the phrase Artificial Intelligence (AI) still conjures up images of robots that look and talk like humans and the notion of using an optical scanner to start your car instead of a key or button. In reality, AI is a technology we all interact with at some level every single day.

The Forrester Wave™: Digital Process Automation Software, Q3 2017

We’re pleased and proud to share that K2 has been positioned as a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: Digital Process Automation Software, Q3 2017*. At K2, we are relentlessly focused on our mission to enable every organisation to automate the processes that move work between people, systems and machines, and we believe that our relentless focus on this vision is what helped us get this result.

How to go low code without sacrificing the power of BPM

Increasingly, organisations are using low-code and no-code application development solutions to lower labor costs, accelerate app delivery, increase ROI from existing IT investments and align more closely with business goals like better customer experience.