October 24, 2016

You have a digital strategy, but..

by Emma O'Brien in Process Automation, Whitepaper

You have a digital strategy but the clock is ticking and pressure is mounting to deliver. What now? 5 things to think about.

Your organisation has a digital strategy. The big wigs have signed off on all the paperwork and the mother-ship has now been set on a course to embrace technology, in order to do better business.

Your business users are still in a world pain pushing paper. Your processes are old unstructured, complicated and costing money. You are evaluating every kind of software imaginable and each comes with a hefty licensing cost, so there goes you budget.

You have an actual business to run with existing systems so dumping it all in the cloud is impractical and costs more than was first thought but you need to embrace this path.

Previous attempts to digitise or automate process have taken longer than expected and heads are going roll if something is not done and soon.

Does this sound familiar?


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